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How to tell if you have relationship OCD

It's completely natural to overthink, analyse, and worry about your relationship - even if it's a healthy one. Being in a relationship for most people means allowing themselves to become intimate with someone - and therefore vulnerable - so it makes perfect sense that this can occasionally become the source of anxiety.

YOUR ANXIETY TOOLKIT Ep.45: FIVE Roadblocks to Anxiety Recovery (w/ Sheva Rajaee) 30 00:00:00 30
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24/7 fitness trackers won't solve all your problems-and they might make you imagine new ones

At a recent promotional event for Omron's new Heart Guide, a watch with a built-in blood pressure monitor, journalists and company representatives sat around a long dining table, testing the device in real time. Between heart-healthy courses of salmon and spirulina (an edible form of algae), I caught a glimpse inside several strangers as their health data flashed across the LCD display tied to their wrists.


Is FOMO a diagnosable mental health condition?

There's a reason you're addicted to scrolling through Insta and checking your Facebook feed: Each little red notification gives you a mood-boosting hit of dopamine.


The Worst, Most Persistent Myths about OCD

This is what most people think obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) looks like: washing your hands excessively because you're a germaphobe. Sometimes, people

Feeling Completely and Utterly Alone Because You Have a Mental Illness? This Can Help

You have a mental illness, and you feel incredibly alone. Intellectually, you know that you are one of millions of people who also have a mental illness-people who also have depression or an anxiety disorder or bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. You know that you're not the only person on this planet to be in pain.

What to Do If You're Feeling Anxious Right Now

According to Kimberley Quinlan, a marriage and family therapist with a private practice in Calabasas, Calif., anxiety "tends to show up around the things we value the most in our lives."