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How to tell if you have relationship OCD

It's completely natural to overthink, analyse, and worry about your relationship - even if it's a healthy one. Being in a relationship for most people means allowing themselves to become intimate with someone - and therefore vulnerable - so it makes perfect sense that this can occasionally become the source of anxiety.

YOUR ANXIETY TOOLKIT Ep.45: FIVE Roadblocks to Anxiety Recovery (w/ Sheva Rajaee) 30 00:00:00 30

Is FOMO a diagnosable mental health condition?

There's a reason you're addicted to scrolling through Insta and checking your Facebook feed: Each little red notification gives you a mood-boosting hit of dopamine.


The Worst, Most Persistent Myths about OCD

This is what most people think obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) looks like: washing your hands excessively because you're a germaphobe. Sometimes, people