Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-one counseling at our offices, centrally located at the Spectrum Center in beautiful Irvine California. 

Online Psychotherapy

Online Therapy, or "Teletherapy" is a convenient option for those who cannot make it to the physical offices due a variety of reasons, including debilitating anxiety, distance (including international clients), or for those who prefer online therapy due to time constraints. Teletherapy offers the option of having your full counseling session without ever having to leave your home, or your country. Conducted using VSEE (a fully encrypted Skype-like platform) Teletherapy offers comparable therapeutic outcomes as in-person counseling, minus the drive. 

Intensive Outpatient Psychotherapy 

The ideal option for Individuals looking for a more intensive treatment plan, including multiple hours/day, multiple days/week and out of office exposures. Intensive treatment is well suited to those who are interested in focusing on their recovery intensely for a shorter amount of time, or for those travelling to our offices from across the country or abroad. Often times the choice for students on break or travelers with limited availability, Intensive treatment can make a big impact fast. The appropriateness of this treatment strategy and time span of Intensive treatment will be determined with your therapist after an initial consultation, taking into account your unique situation and any time restrictions you may have.